Triathlete Training
better training.better equipment.better performance
Trident's training center is purpose-built exclusively for swimmers and triathletes. Our pool is the only one in the United States to include 4 strategic training technologies. For pacing and timed intervals, LED pace lighting is built into the the black line in every lane. This system provides athletes precise speed/pace training. Coaches leverage world-class acceleration measurement system to assist swimmers in fast-tracking their technique. Our underwater video and audio system further ensures technical feedback is focused upon the most important skills to develop.
Since we are a private, sport-specific club, athletes will never experience overcrowded lanes or wait around for strength training equipment. Drop in for a tour or join our triathletes for a workout! Coaches design workout strategies on an individual basis, ensuring maximum benefit by the time it's race day! For additional information on our swimming workouts, please visit out Master's Swimming page.
  • Perfect 81 degree water...year round
  • Exceptionally clean water with world-class UV sanitation and regenerative filtration.
  • 40+ hours of lane availability every week
  • LED pace lights Integrated Into every lane
  • Stroke development
  • Underwater video analysis
  • Coached Workouts
  • Training plan design (Macro/Micro)
  • U.S. Masters Swim Club
  • Certified Coaches
  • Commit app, 24/7 access to workouts on your phone!
Strength and Mobility
  • Purpose-Built gym, just for swimmers and triathletes.
  • Custom Rogue Resistance Rig
  • TRX II Systems
  • Stages spin bikes
  • Concept II Rowers
  • Coach-led training
  • Individualized Workouts
  • Stages spin bikes
  • Indoor Rides
  • BYOBike & Trainer
  • Brick Training
Brick Training
  • Swim - Bike
  • Bike - Run
Triathletes use the training center as their brick training hub.  Run indoors in inclement weather or outside on the 3/4mile loop here on the St. John campus. A large portion of our athlete members are training for the 2021 Ironman Championship in Tulsa.