Private & Semi-Private Lessons

While we believe in the enhanced learning that comes from watching our peers work on the same skills that we are, our instructors and coaches also recognize that there are some situations that call for more one-on-one instruction...sometimes even just for a little while. Parents know their child best, and most parents have a feel for whether certain learning steps can best be accomplished with a few children to learn with, or with the one on one direction of an instructor.

We have just recently introduced semi-private lessons, base on popular demand for a "blend" option of more acute attention while also providing key social and observational interaction for young swimmers.

If you are interested in private or semi-private lessons, please let us know by completing this form, or call our front desk at (918)888-7946. Our staff arranges lessons on a daily basis and, once we've received your request and can provide your lesson, we will be back in contact with you ASAP. We use your information to identify the best match for an instructor, time of day and curriculum. 

If you happen to be around the pool, a private lesson request form is available at our front desk, and our staff is happy to help you with it!