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Adult Swimmers: Join Us In November!
Trident is kicking off a U.S. Master's Swimming program focused on adult swimmers. This professionally coached program is perfect for competitive swimmers and triathletes.  Adults swimmers who do not compete but enjoy lap swimming with friends are also welcome! Whether for competition or fitness, swimmers will fast-track progress and enjoy swimming more through participation in a structured program under the leadership of an experienced coach. Beginning in November, Sessions will be held at the Claremore Rec Center until we open our new pool in Owasso.   Click for  DETAILS

Swimming gets more FUN the FASTER you go! Swimming technology, strength development, training methods, sports nutrition...they've all come a long, long way in the last decade! Whether it's your love of competition, challenging yourself, or you simply know the incredible benefits swimming adds to health and longevity, join our professionally organized adult swimming program. 



Train with your teammates under the guidance of professional coaches. Thousands of triathletes, including world-class triathletes Sara McLarty and Ben Hoffman, join USMS programs because training with swimmers is the best way to improve the swim portion of the tri. Masters coaches provide technique instruction and interval training with a group. USMS membership also grants access to the triathlete-specific workouts posted regularly in the members-only Forums at In addition, SWIMMER magazine and STREAMLINES newsletters have technique and training tips in each issue.


Competitive Swimmers

Thousands of adult swimmers train to compete at U.S. Master's local, national and world competitions. From new swimmers to former olympians, there is a level of competition for everyone. Master's competitions are age group-based, broken into 5-year groupings.  As peak stroke technique, exercise science, training technology evolve, adults swimmers in a Master's program benefit from leveraging all of the amazing progress in our sport! And, we all know we train better at swim practice with teammates there to push us, and celebrate with us! 

More about U.S. Masters Swimming.

Fitness Swimmers   (You DON'T Have to Compete!)

For many adult swimmers, the appeal and benefits of swimming with friends, guided  by a professional coach, purely to enjoy our sport and stay in shape, is fun and rewarding. It is common for U.S. Master's swimmers to attend organized swim practices with on a weekly basis, yet choose not to attend swim meets. This is totally up to you! Just don't feel the pressure to compete...simply challenge yourself at practice!!

A Bit About......Trident Age Group Swimming

Since its establishment in 2014, Trident's swimmers have achieved State Records, National Ranking, World Ranking and even Olympic Trials berths. Over 60% of our graduating athletes have earned scholarships to swim at the NCAA level (nationally, only 7% of high school-aged swimmers earn the chance to swim at the college level). But our primary mission and greatest reward is helping to develop outstanding young people.  Swimming teaches us commitment, discipline, goal-setting, perseverance, leadership, how to deal with failure, how to be a great teammate, how to advocate for oneself, communication skills, time management. Ask any lifelong swimmer what impact this sport as provided their lives, college years, profession and family life.